Translation Manager

Release Notes

Translation Manager Release Notes

Translation Manager releases follow the Semantic Versioning system. Features that break existing functionality are only introduced in major version releases. New Features that do not affect existing functionality are introduced in Minor version releases. Patch Versions only address issues and fix bugs in the product.

Release 2.2.4 15th March 2019

dates, targets and published user fixes

Release 2.2.3 27th Febuary 2019

Grid additional settings fix.

Release 2.2.1 6th Febuary 2019

Patch Release, rolling up some fixes to Xliff and Translator Providers

Release 2.2.0 21st Jan 2019

Format Release, even better Xliff Macro support

Release 2.1.6 10th Jan 2019

Patch Release fixing versioning of content and vorto

Release 2.1.5 10th Dec 2018

Patch Release improving error messages and how Inline Macros are handled
Plus: MySql Support fixed

Release 2.1.4 14th Nov 2018

Patch Release fixing issue save bug - when content isn't in a translation set

Release 2.1.3 6th Nov 2018

Patch Release fixing issue with to much getting sent to pending

Release 2.1.2 30th Oct 2018

Patch Release fixing some link-updater and performance issues

Release 2.1.0 4th Sept 2018

Improved vorto setup, health checks, and status view

Release 2.0.1 22nd Aug 2018

New Features, faster, and a namespace update

Release 1.4.1 11th July 2018

Patch Release fixing some relations issues, and cleaning up the context menu

Release 1.4.0 5th July 2018

Patch Release fixing some formatting issues in Xliff

Release 1.3.3 2nd May 2018

Patch Release fixing xliff 1.2 translation marker issues
v1.3.2 was not publicly released

Release 1.3.1 11th April 2018

Introduces pull translations (requesting translations from target site)

Release 1.2.1 24th March 2018

Patch release fixing Dictionary translation issues

Release 1.2 1st March 2018

XLIFF 2.0 Improvements, better support for value mappers