Translation Manager



You can download our guide to Translation Manager to help you get started with Translation Manager.

Developers Guide

New! Developers Guide to extending translation Manager

Setting up your language site

Translation Manager supports a number of site setups, from multiple homepages to a single site with multiple lanaguages.

Read our Developers' Guide to Multilingual Site Setup (Comming Soon) to help you get started.

Creating translation sets

Translation sets tell Translation Manager where your content is coming from, what languages you want to translate to and from, and where you want the translations to go.

Translation jobs

Translation jobs allow you to package up all your pending changes and send them off to be translated.

The Webmasters' Guide to Translation Jobs (Comming Soon) will take you through the process of creating and managing translation jobs with Translation Manager.

Value Mappers

Translation Manager gets the text in and out of your site via Value Mappers - you can write your own value mappers, or you can extend the existing ones via the translations.config file

Config Guide

Almost all of Translation Manager's settings can be controlled via the settings pages within Umbraco but you can control every setting with the Translations.Config file:

Editor guides

Our quick and simple editor guides will get your editors using Translation Manager in no time.


Translation Manager requires Umbraco 7.6 or greater, and will work with SQLCE, or SQL Server based installations.