Translation Manager

Purchase a licence

Purchase a Translation Manager licence

A Translation Manager licence allows you to translate multiple languages across your site. Unlicensed installs are limited to one target language.

Licenses are per domain, but work for all sub-domains of your site (so an licence will work on,, etc).


If your site uses different top-level domains for each site (like,, contact us and we can product a licence that will work for all your domains.

v7 upgrade *

If you have an existing licence for Translation Manager on Umbraco 7 you can get a discounted upgrade for £350 (excluding VAT)

Contact us for more info


*You will need your existing licence key information to qualify for the upgrade price.

Licensed Versions

Licenses purchased will work for the latest major version of the software, when a new major version is released you may need to purchase a new licence.

Orange Warning Box?

We've introduced an orange warning box to give people a heads up on the limitations of the free product. If this is annoying you and you don't intend to go beyond the free version, we have some instructions to help.