We are Jumoo and we specialize in evidence-based, customer-focused, digital stuff. That means we like numbers, and we like customers, and we like all manner of digital things, especially when they buzz and beep in funny ways.

With our background in offering public services digitally, we help large mainly public sector organisations to focus on their customers and deliver easy to find understandable and useable things.

We don't think that things need to be super complex; all too often the answer isn't to buy the all singing all dancing super system but to get high quality and focused things and join them together well.

At Jumoo, we believe that the best way to avoid ending up with a visually unappealing pile of junk, is to first understand just what's happening, and how your customers are using your digital things.

Who We Are

Kevin Jump

Kevin has over 18 years experience working in and with public sector organisations, helping them get the most out of their digital things. Kevin has helped form and lead digital and web based teams for a number of organisations and is especially interested in helping people to deliver simple, customer-focused solutions.

Kevin is also has developed a number of open source solutions and is actively involved as part of the community surrounding the Open Source Umbraco Content Management System. Kevin was named a Umbraco MVP (Most Valuable Person) in 2016 in recognition of his contributions, not least those of several highly popular packages such as uSync and the Local Gov Starter Kit.