Translation Manager

Translation Connectors

Translation Connectors

Translation Manager Connectors (providers in v2.x) are a flexible and programatic ways to intergrate translation services with umbraco.

Xliff File Connector (included)

Import and Export Translations in the Industry Standard Xliff 1.2 or 2.0 File Formats. Xliff is used the world over by Translators and works with all major Translation software Solutions (including SDL Trados).
Included in the default install of Translation Manager
(Umbraco v7 only)
SDL Managed Translation allows organizations of any size to manage their entire localization process using a centralized browser-based platform. Resulting in lower translation costs, higher-quality translations and more efficient translation processes
Requires a SDL Managed Translation Account, and API Access
(Umbraco v7 only)
Xplanation is now a top 40 global language services provider. Dedicated staff, smart technology and a passion for your business are what define us. In everything we do, we look to help our customers take their business global.
Provider is on a closed beta, contact your Xplanation account manager for info

Microsoft Translator Text Api

Microsoft Translator Text API, part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services API collection, Supports multiple languages that reach more than 95% of world's gross domestic product (GDP).
Requires a microsoft azure account and translation subscription key

Google Translator Api

The Google Cloud Translation API provides a simple programmatic interface for translating an arbitrary string into any supported language using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation.
Requires Goolge Cloud Account and Google Translation API Key
(Umbraco v7 only)
translate plus are a Top 5 global language services provider by revenue, with offices around the world.
Requres an account with translatePlus

Passthrough Connector

Simple Connector that will pass text through from one site to another, this is good if you have sites with the same base language and you want to maintain them as part of your wider translation flow

Translator Dashboard (Umbraco v7 only)

Translator provides a translation interface directly within umbraco. So your own translation staff can translate your sites content without requiring full access to your umbraco sites.
Included in the default install of Translation Manager

Looking for More?

We are always working to extend the number of providers for Translation Manager.

If there isn't something for the translation service you use, get in touch and will see what we can do.