Translation Manager

Lionbridge Integration

Lionbridge Integration

Our Lionbridge provider allows you to connector your Umbraco Installation to the Lionbridge Translation Platform.

1. Install Translation Manager

The best way to install Translation Manager is via NuGet.

2. Install The Lionbridge Connector

The Lionbridge Connector is also available via NuGet

Umbraco 8/9/10

You need to install Translation Manager v9 (which works on Umbraco 8 and 9), and then install the Lionbridge connector.

Umbraco 7

Install Translation manager v2 (Umbraco 7)

3. Configure your Lionbridge Account

If you have a Lionbridge account, you will need to email to obtain the correct details to connect your umbraco installation to your Lionbridge account

4. Purchase a Translation Manager License

Unlicensed Translation Manager will allow you to translate into a single language, if you need to translate more than one language you will need to purchase a translation manager license.