Translation Manager

Docs - translations.config


the Translations.config file controls the basic configuration of translation manager within umbraco. It is located in the config folder of your umbraco site.

Lots of the translations.config file can be controlled via the settings section within umbraco, but you can also change settings on the disk (will require restart of your site to take effect)

Example Config

            <mapper name="MySuperTextMapper" alias="Umbraco.Textbox" />

                <config alias="Definition">
                        <property name="key" alias="Umbraco.Textbox" />
                        <property name="definition" alias="Umbraco.TinyMCEv3" />

Core Settings

backgroundCheck Turns on/off background checks. When on Translation manager will priodically check all submitted jobs to see if they have been completed.
scheduleCheckPeriod How long in seconds between background checks against pending jobs.
autoTranslate When on, Pending translation items will be created whenever an editor saves or publishes content in umbraco


    <provider name="simplefile">
        <add key="folder" value="/media/simple_translate/" />
        <add key="format" value="" />
        <add key="split" value="true" />
        <add key="extension" value="xlf" />

The Providers section, provides config for specific providers. The settings in this section can all be controlled via the provider settings page within the settings section.


The Config section contains all other config elements.


The Mappers section lets you put custom mapping configs into umbraco. These settings allow you to put your own complex datatypes into translation manager without having to write any code.

See the Custom Value Mapper documentation for more information

Overriding Mappers

Translation Manager comes with value mappers for the majority of property editors in Umbraco that contain text. If you write your own mapper (inheriting IValueMapper) then Translation Manager will automatically load the mapper.

If your mapper is for a PropertyEditor that is already supported by translation manager then only one of the two mappers will be loaded. (and this depends on dll load order).

You can guarantee that your mapper will be loaded by excplity setting it up in the config file.

    <mapper name="MySuperTextMapper" alias="Umbraco.Textbox" />

This example would only load the Value Mapper with the name MySuperTextMapper for Umbraco.Textbox properties