Translation Manager

Umbraco 8 version

Translation Manager for Umbraco 8

Umbraco 8 brings lots of new ways of handling multilingual sites, with Language variants and split language views - it's now easier to mage your multilingual sites with Umbraco.

We have been working hard on bringing Translation Manager to Umbraco 8, so you can have the power of Umbraco’s multilingual features coupled with the ability to get the content translated.

Translation Manager v8.2.1 is out!

Today we have released Translation Manager v8.2.1 - Fully compatible with all Umbraco 8.x versions.

Via NuGet

The recommended way to install the Translation Manager Package is via Nuget. You can run the following command in the package manager console in Visual Studio.

As a package

We are working the packaged version of translation manager, that will be available soon

Umbraco 8 Look and feel

Translation Manager 8 has been developed from the ground up for Umbraco 8 - meaning it integrates so seamlessly with your Umbraco 8 site, your editors might not even know you’ve installed a third party tool to do all the work for them.


Translation Manager v8 is a major release of translation manager and as such will require a new licence. go to our purchase page to get the latest information on how to build a licence.