What they wanted: a review of user journeys on their existing site.

navigation blocks on the homepage Highlighing navigation elements across the site

Nottinghamshire County Council were engaging in a major overhaul of their digital services, and they asked us to help them identify the existing problems which needed to be solved. They wanted to understand how users were experiencing their services, how (and whether) they were getting to them, and how this could be improved.

What we did:

We investigated several user journeys from the perspective of a novice user, from starting points that were both online, and offline (leaflets, posters, etc). We paid particular attention to website navigation, and how easily people could use it to find what they needed.

What we delivered:

We then produced a detailed report, highlighting the successes and the difficulties that we had identified, that the council could use to feed into their design process for the new digital services. We also travelled to their offices to give a face-to-face summary of the report, and allow for questions to be asked, and for more in-depth discussion on the elements that they found themselves most interested in.

website demand vs usage comparison Compraring the space dedicated to each area on the homepage vs the user demand

While we were there, we also talked about possible strategies for selecting a new CMS, which they anticipated would be necessary subsequently. One of the advantages of getting us on site, is you can usually pick our brains on anything, for no extra charge!