Translation Manager


Translation Manager - Release 2.4.2 14th Oct 2019

Release Notes

This is a patch release, containing fixes for Vorto controls in grids containing nested content.


For Minor Version updates - we recommend you complete all in progress translations,


Vorto Value Mapper fixes
Fixes how Vorto handles nested content values within a Vorto control, specifically when the Vorto control is already within a grid element.


Nested Content sort order
Ensures the sort order of items in a nested content item is the same for both Source and Target values, making comparisons simpler


The Recommended way to install Translation Manager is via NuGet as part of your website project

PM> Install-Package Jumoo.TranslationManager -version 2.4.2

You can also install translation manager as a package via the backoffice of Umbraco. Translation Manager


For more support, see the documentation, or ask a question on the forums

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