Translation Manager

Release 2.2.4

Translation Manager - Release 2.2.4 15th March 2019

Release Notes

This is a standard patch release to address some specific reported issues, it also includes some small feature updates that related to those issues.


There should be no specific issues when upgrading to this version of translation manager. As a guide we recommend you don't upgrade when you have outstanding translations within your Umbraco site.


Incorrect target values in already translated values

In some circumstances, when using a loopback translation set, the target values may not be correctly set to the translated text.

This will only really be an issue if you are using the Translator Dashboard, as other providers don't require this value

More details
self-closing Target nodes can cause Xliff error
Xliff files with self closing empty target tags <target/>can cause an error when importing an xliff file
Fix some update dates no showing local time
There where a few places where the date wasn't being stored as UTC and as a result the local times displayed in the browser where Incorrect. More details


Option to allow blank target tags in xliff file
Adds an option to the Xliff provider to allow blank Target tags. blank target tags will not throw an error and the source value will be used. Missing tags will still throw an error .
Mark published items with the approving user

When a user approves and publishes a job - thier user id will be used on the publish, meaning they will appear on the umbraco info tab as the publisher. More Details

This behavior can be overridden by setting the defaultUserId attribute to a valid user id in the translation.config file


The Recommended way to install Translation Manager is via nuget as part of your website project

PM> Install-Package Jumoo.TranslationManager

You can also install translation manager as a package via the backoffice of Umbraco. Translation Manager


For more support, see the documentation, or ask a question on the forums

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