Translation Manager

Release 2.1.0

Translation Manager - Release 2.1.0 4th September 2018

Release Notes

This is a feature release, containing new and improved features for Translation manager.

See 2.0.1 release for notes on upgrading from v1


There should be no data issues when upgrading to this version of translation manager.

Breaking Changes

This release contains no breaking changes from v2.0.1


  • Simpler Vorto Config - Configuring sets that update themselves (vorto controls) is simplified.
  • Translation Status - Improved view of translation status - so you can quickly see what is and isn't translated
  • Health Checks - Translation Manager health checks to clean up your translation nodes if they have become messy
  • Fixup mode - not so secret setting (on diagnostic tab) so you can manipulate things mid job (not recommended - but sometimes needed if you're translations come back messed up)


  • Xliff 1.2 - Improvements in CDATA Wrapper for Xliff 1.2


The Recommended way to install Translation Manager is via nuget as part of your website project

PM> Install-Package Jumoo.TranslationManager

You can also install translation manager as a package via the backoffice of Umbraco. Translation Manager


For more support, see the documentation, or ask a question on the forums

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