Translation Manager

Release 2.0.1

Translation Manager - Release 2.0.1 22nd Aug 2018

Release Notes

This is a Major version release - containing breaking changes that may effect custom code.

N.B. As the reason for the version update is internal, v1.x licences will continue to work with v2.x releases


There should be no data issues when upgrading to this version of translation manager.

For this upgrade we recommend removing the old package before installing the new one this will not remove any data from the database

Upgrading from 1.x

If you are doing a clean install - you don't have to follow these steps! but if you currently have the JumooTranslate package installed please see below.

  1. Uninstall existing JumooTranslate Packages
    PM> uninstall-package JumooTranslate -RemoveDependencies
  2. Install Jumoo.TranslationManager Package
    PM> Install-package Jumoo.TranslationManager
    • Don't override changes to translations.config as this will remain the same
  3. Clean Project
    • Check there are no Jumoo.Translate.*.dll files in your sites bin folder.
    • Check the app_plugins/Jumoo.Translate folder has been removed.
  4. Rebuild Project.
    • View Project - if all is well you will see all your config and jobs
    • The translation manager dashboard should report the build number '2.0.0.xxxx'

Breaking Changes

Unfortunately for commercial reasons; we have had to change the underling namespace used within translation manager. This is a breaking change for anyone with customized code referencing Translation manager.

  • Package - The Nuget package is now Jumoo.TranslationManager - the old package will be phased out
  • Namespace Update - Jumoo.TranslatePlus has been renamed to Jumoo.TranslationManager across the whole project
  • Licence file - The licence file is now translationManager.licence.conifg - the update should rename this
  • App_Plugins - The App_Plugins folders for the package have changed from TranslatePlus to TranslationManager - a nuget upgrade should remove the old folders
  • Dll names - The Dlls for translation manager all now start Jumoo.TranslationManager after an upgrade you should have no JumooTranslate.*.dll files


  • Audit View - See when a piece of content was last translated and what status it is in
  • Large Language UI fixed - for when you have lots (like 20+) languages on your site
  • In Progress finder - Find all instances of a content node / language that are in translation now
  • Reset Job option - so jobs can go back from Received to submitted
  • Link update support - includes the link updater package, so picked links get updated on target sites
  • Add any language to a set - Pick any installed language (not just those set on the node) for a target site
  • UI Improvements - little things like buttons, and default actions, and a genrally a tidy up of layouts
  • Job Batching - Batches large translation jobs into smaller chuncks so they don't timeout (for example on Azure)
  • Performance Improvements - Faster extraction of content and management of jobs


  • fix splitting of no-compliant html in xliff 2.0
  • fix when SignalR hub is missing
  • fix for Xliff 1.2 files that are provided missing CDATA section
  • fix for LeBlender and Achetype when nesting other json properties (e.g. archetype in leblender)
  • Fix when sending more than 2100 items to translate (the magic sql number)


The Recommended way to install Translation Manager is via nuget as part of your website project

PM> Install-Package Jumoo.TranslationManager

You can also install translation manager as a package via the backoffice of Umbraco. Translation Manager


For more support, see the documentation, or ask a question on the forums

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