Translation Manager

Release 1.4.1

Translation Manager - Release 1.4.1 11th July 2018

Release Notes

This is a standard patch release to addressing any reported and discovered issues.


There should be no specific issues when upgrading to this version of translation manager. As a guide we recommend you don't upgrade when you have outstanding translations within your umbraco site.


  • Fix save error when multiple relationships are found in the tree
  • Fix settings issue when removing site from a set doesn't remove in vorto sets
  • Don't show target site menu items when site is also a master in a set


The Recommended way to install Translation Manager is via nuget as part of your website project

PM> Install-Package JumooTranslate

You can also install translation manager as a package via the backoffice of umbraco. Translation Manager


For more support, see the documentation, or ask a question on the forums

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