Localgov Pagespeedy offers a quick insight into each council’s website offering a snapshot of the performance of the homepage, but to truly understand your website’s performance you need to look across all the pages of the site.

If you want a more indepth look at your sites performance we have produced the SiteSpeedy Reporting service.

The SiteSpeedy Report offers you all the goodness of pagespeedy for your whole site.

The SiteSpeedy runs the tried and tested PageSpeedy tools against every page of your site and produces a nice report highlighting the areas of your site that are causing the most slow down.

The report also comes with an expert analysis of your site highlighting the areas and steps you can take to improve the speed of the site and specific pages.

Using the SiteSpeedy report you can then improve the overall speed of your site getting things to your users quicker.

SiteSpeedy Reports start at £500 for a one off Analysis of you're whole site, including sitewide and page specific recommendations and practical steps you can take to make your site faster.

If you would like a speedy report for your site, drop us an email info@jumoo.co.uk and well get the process started for you.